Recently manytimes I found myself not as busy as I want to be. My business activity was at all time low. The little I have, and have been working upon, will not be bring appreciable income for next coupla months.

I thought if there’s some, or any ¬†activity that matches with my background/profile, I’d love to extend my services. Only thing is there’s no way I would know, if there are such suitable opportunities that may exist.

Looking around: I found many qualified / experienced people who are not really as busy as they can be.

There are some who lost jobs, and before they land onto their next job, their till will surely be wasted, as there’s no other channel where they can use their time to their sastisfaction.

Other than the conventional two options: Being in a job, or being unemployee : both represent two extremes, where one is supposed to be busy, the oter is supposed to be without work.

If there’s a venue where people, can find some work suitable to their background, there may be a chance that people’s live might mean a little better, they will know the value of their time, there would be a need to improve their profile, when they think their income is function of their profile and experience. They might get psychological uplift when they realize they are not blocked in economic development process, just because they don’t have something called JOB.

Many advantages come to my mind. The need I try to mention as below:

  • There are no ready made jobs to all graduates coming out of colleges.
  • There’s an appreciable time even among employed professionals, esp while switching between jobs.
  • there are many self employed/small business people who find their time spent without purpose many times.

These are too many to ignore.

On the other hand companies/businesses find cost effective ways to get some mundane, if not other, tasks done / attended to. There’s an urge among people to improve their profiles physically, mentally & professionally. This is nothing but ” Opportunity urges progress indirectly”.

We are trying to create a venue where we can bridge the gap between people who need work, and companies who need their work to be done with no-strings attached.

That might be ¬†as aptly known as ‘Get2Work’. This post is a report of the ongoing progress of the same.


One Response to “Get2Work”

  1. Krishna Says:

    Bring it on like a series..Good work..keep it coming…

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